Why I write the Rick Malone Crime Thriller Series

I’ve always loved tough-guy movies and novels—John Wick, Dirty Harry, The Equalizer. Not only am I drawn to the fast-paced action these stories offer, but I’m also captivated by the main characters. These men all have a common thread, a rough, tough, and gritty side to their personalities. Without these character traits, these men wouldn’t be able to bring down the ruthless criminals they encounter. Even though these men blur the lines of what is right and wrong, fans still root for them to succeed because their actions serve a higher purpose.
To balance the scales of justice, not bound by the traditional rules of engagement, these men rid the world of despicable criminals—the drug dealers, the mobsters, the drug traffickers. Fans know, without question, that the world is a better place because these men refuse to turn a blind eye to criminals who seek to impose their will on the innocent. As a result, tons of people have come to admire Client Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, and The Equalizer’s Robert McCall.
With this in mind, I decided to write short stories about Detective Rick Malone—a man known for using unconventional and brutal crime fighting tactics in bringing ruthless criminals to justice. He’s a flawed character, who has a big heart and a strong desire to make the world a safer place. Not one to back down from danger, he embarks on a perilous journey of dismantling some of the most dangerous criminal networks operating in Miami, Florida. Even though you may not always agree with his methods, when push comes to shove, he would be the first person you would call if someone was threatening your life or your loved ones.  
Join Detective Rick Malone and his team as they bring down some of the worst criminals living in Miami, Florida—mobsters, drug deals, thieves, terrorists, drug traffickers …

You're going to love these dark, gritty tales!

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